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Treatment information

Required documentation and extra services

Treatment information for the following medical conditions.

  • Complete wiring instructions will be provided via email once patient has a confirmed date.
  • Payment receipt must be sent as soon as it is issued.
  • Payment must be fully paid two months in advance. 
  • Once the payment has reached our account our accounting department will send a receipt via email.
  • Invoice will be issued on the month of treatment and sent to your email.

In order for us to invoice the service provided by the clinic we need you to send us the following documents:

  1. Proof of Residence: This may be a document provided by your local tax authority, a driver’s license or other document containing your address.
  2. Passport scan: Names and passport number legible.
  3. Proof of payment:
    1. Complete wiring instructions will be provided via email once the patient has a confirmed date.
    2. Payment must be fully paid two months in advance.
  4. Flight details (Flight number, airline and schedule are required)
  5. MRI (Brain, cervical, thoracic and lumbar) and/or CT scan (Head, thorax and abdomen). Depending on the medical condition to treat, you will be instructed to provide MRIs or CT scans from specific sections, furthermore, the study will have to be no older than 3 months from your scheduled treatment date.

Patient must be accompanied 24 hours 7 days a week during treatment by a caregiver. Normally patients bring a family member or a friend for this roll. If you don´t have anyone to come with you, care giving services are available.

Caregiver Services

  • The cost of the caregiver for a 28 day service is $2,750.00 USD.

No medical expertise is required as our medical staff and nurses will regularly visit patients for injections and blood samples. It is the caregivers´ responsibility to contact the clinic´s medical or administrative staff on behalf of the patient in order to notify irregularities or needs.

  • Caregiver responsibilities: The purpose of asking patients to be accompanied by a caregiver is to assure patient comfort and functionality throughout treatment, specifically:
    • Assisting patient with transferring on and off the van.
    • Assisting patient with transferring to and from the restroom, both at the clinic and apartment.
    • Assisting patient with transferring to and from hospital bed (during catheter placement).
    • Assisting patient with daily needs such as showering, preparing meals, snacks, clothing, etc.
    • Assisting patient with daily intake of oral medication and adherence to overall treatment schedule.
    • Physical strength is necessary as patients often require assistance to move from one seated position to another.
  •  Extra assistance: If you wish to hire the service as extra assistance (meaning you will be bringing a carer but would like to hire one from us as additional assistance), there are two additional conditions to have in mind before accepting the service:
    • Treatment price includes 3 meals per day for one patient and one caregiver, therefore you will have to pay the extra “meal package” for the additional carer. The cost of the additional meal package is $700.00 USD.
    • The apartments are suited with two bedrooms and a full-size bed in each; it is strictly necessary that one room is for the hired Clinica Ruiz caregiver and the other one for the patient.

MRI scan services

  • The cost of this service is $750.00 USD approximately (final price will depend on the currency exchange rate).
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